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DEED – Digital Environmental Education in VET

At a time when students around the world are skipping school to raise awareness of the climate change emergency and demonstrate to ensure concrete action for our planet and its future, educators must make education a central and more visible part of the international response to climate change and ensure its effective implementation.

Project DEED has an ambitious objective: acquisition of Green Competences in VET with the help of innovative digital approach utilizing the potential of personal mobile devices.

The main project objective will be fulfilled by the following specific objectives:

– to create a professional network in the field of environmental education and contribute to it;

– to develop a set of tools for the VET teachers/trainers to help them develop Green Competence their students;

– to deliver the tools for Green Competence development to the VET teachers and provide a guidance on how to implement them in their vocational courses and lessons;

– to spread the results of the project within the professional networks of the partners.

The main objective will be achieved by creation of several tangible outputs in form of “products” and several other outputs, outcomes and impacts as follows:

  1. Virtual library
  2. Set of GreenComp micro-lessons
  3. VET Teachers’ Guide – a step-by-step guide on how to use the GreenComp micro-lessons
  4. GreenComp micro-certificate
  5. Green competence training platform

This project is just starting, stay tuned for news on the developments!