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CEDIS: Circular Economy in Digital Storytelling

The “CEDIS: Circular Economy in Digital Storytelling” project introduces a pioneering, collaborative approach to teaching Circular Economy concepts in European secondary schools, through Digital Storytelling. With the participation of eight organizations and schools spanning five countries, its goal is to enhance digital and key competencies among its target groups, thereby improving Circular Economy education.

Through collaborative research, the development of an educational toolkit, and teacher training initiatives, CEDIS plans to create approximately 60 digital stories with students. Additionally, the project endeavors to showcase its outcomes through presentations at conferences and other dissemination activities.

The main goals of this project are:

  • Foster a collaborative partnership among eight organizations and schools spanning five European countries.
  • Develop an innovative educational framework centred around Digital Storytelling, specifically tailored for teaching Circular Economy concepts.
  • Enhance the digital skills and key competences of the target groups, thereby empowering students and educators alike to engage more effectively with Circular Economy Education.

LernBar Europa e.v. 




Archivio della Memoria – Italy

SBTC Danismanlik – Turkie

European Learning Center –  Spain

Danmar Computers SP Zoo –  Poland

Atlântica-Instituto Universitário  – Portugal

Agrupamento de Escolas Marinhas do Sal – Portugal

IIS Michele Giua – Cagliari –  Italy

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